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Legal actions previously persued

Past Legal Efforts

The Puget Sound Crab Association (PSCA) brought suit against the State of Washington back in May of 2011 when we filed for a preliminary injunction and asked the court to disallow the new rules and regulations that the Wildlife Commission had approved for the increase in recreational share of the fishery. After the dismissal of the injunction by the court we then filed a formal suit to once again ask that the court to give relief to these new rules. After several months of research and preparation and numerous declarations for formal argument we once again found no relief from the court as the same Judge had presided over both the preliminary injunction and the formal Petition.

In the third phase of our pursuit which was the Washington State Court of Appeals. We filed our Appeal opening brief. At that time the state had approximately 6 weeks to submit their rebuttal to our brief then in turn we would file a rebuttal to that and then finally we arrive at the Oral argument phase where Our Attorney and the states Attorney general or (representative of that office) stand before the (3 Judge) appeals panel and present their best arguments. I have posted a copy of the 50 page opening brief immediately to the right for anyone that wishes to read the arguments for themselves. Unfortunately this again ended in no relief.

Legal Documents

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