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Ken Crews:

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Ken Started his fishing career in 1973 in Southeast Alaska in the Seine Fishery. From there he fished for 5 years in the Bearing Sea King Crab Fishery back when the price was a whopping .32 cents a pound (just a little dust on this guy's resume) With a 3 man deck crew and 3 1/2 months they managed to land a million pounds. With a $25,000.00 crew share Ken returned home a bought his first house. He then moved on to the Chignik seine fishery for 6 years, then bought into the Southeast Gill-net fishery and spent 10 years there. Like many Ken diversified and fished some Halibut with his gill-netter and managed to establish some initial quota when it went to IFQ. He then bought more IFQ and moved to fish it on a bigger boat along with some Black Cod. Then in 1987 Ken bought into the Puget Sound Crab Fishery and in 2002 the Puget Sound Prawn Fishery. Some 45 Years later you have what we in the industry call an "Old Salt"


F/V Jewlz: A Winter Halter Hull finished by Ken Crews 2002, LOA 36'

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