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Dave Melling:

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Dave started fishing in 1978 gill-netting  in false pass, Port Moller (area M) Alaska as well as Puget Sound. He is still fishing in area M. He has participated in the Puget Sound Crab fishery for close to 30 years. Dave has fished crab on the Coast for 20 years. He long-lined halibut starting in 1986' until IFQ's went into effect,  he continued to fish after as he  held some quota and crewed. He also power trolled in Alaska for a few years. Dave has owned and operated 8 different boats in my career. Currently he has the Scout pictured below and a 39' Roberts Gill-netter.

F/V Scout: Built by Fred Wahl 2010, LOA 48'

"New Recruit"
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