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Brian Melvin:

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Brian has been an active  Board Member since 2004, He is from Anacortes, WA.  He started in the commercial fishing industry in 1974 when he spent two summers gill-netting in the puget sound.  In 1976 he spent two years in Kodiak, AK working on a salmon seiner during the summer months and spent those fall and winter months fishing king crab.  Durning the winter of 1978 he worked on deck fishing tanner crab in the Bering Sea and continued fishing king crab, tanner crab, and bairdi on deck until 1981 when, at 23, he started running a 123’ Dakota Creek built crabber until 1985.  In ’85 they switched gears and began an offshore joint venture with Japanese, Russian, and German mother-ships delivering Alaska’s Walleye Pollock.  In 1986 he brought a 200’ supply boat from Morgan City, LA through the Panama Canal and up the coast to Anacortes’ Dakota Creek shipyard to be converted to a Pollock trawler which he continued to run until 2003, targeting both Pacific Cod and Pollock.  In ’04 he built his Puget Sound crab boat in Bellingham, WA and has been fishing Dungeness crab out of Anacortes since then.

Phone: 360-420-4508

F/V Ryco: Built by Roger Allard 2004, LOA 32' Buffalo

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