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Brian Mackey:

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Brian was born and raised in Alaska. He started fishing in Alaska in Cook Inlet when he was 15 years old. He move to Washington with his family when he was 17.  His father built a crab boat and then a shrimp boat of which Brian took over operations of both and has been fishing them ever sense. He started crabbing in Puget Sound in1980 and is still Crabbing today. He has also been  Shrimp trawling in Puget Sound every single summer since 1981 for which there are only 5 Permits. He also fished the Bering Sea from 79 thru 81 and then took some time away before going back to the Bering Sea from 93 to 97. He currently lives in Anacortes and has for 40 years. Brian would tell you though that his greatest achievement is raising three incredible daughters with his late wife Tammy Mackey.

F/V My Girls: Built by Mel-Martin 1977, LOA 40'

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