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Brian Allison: President

Term Expires: 


Brian has served as president of the Association since 2009, he resides in Oak Harbor, Washington and has been in the commercial fishing industry since 1974 where he started as a boy fishing with his parents in Cook Inlet Alaska in the Drift gill-net fishery. He currently fishes in both the Bristol Bay and Cook Inlet Drift gill-net fisheries. He recently retired from fishing Halibut IFQ's in Lower Cook Inlet after participating in that fishery for over 30 years. Brian spent a few seasons in the Alaska King Crab and Opilio fisheries but quickly decided that was just to much time away from home. He has currently been invested and participating in the Puget Sound Crab fishery since 2007 and looks forward to a lasting career in this fishery.

F/V Crab Grabber: Built by Mavrik Marine 2014, LOA 30'

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